Laptop won't work

Jan 1, 2019
Like an idiot I attempted to charge a separate laptop battery by taking a usb cord that I cut and placing the positive wire to the positive side of the battery and negative wire to the negative side of the battery. Once I plugged the usb into my usb port of my HP envy it instantly killed all power to the HP and won't indicate any power is getting to the HP now and in addition to this I tried accessing the hard drive through another laptop and it shows that the hard drive is empty. I realized that what I had done caused the power loss to my HP so my questions are why would my attempt at trying to charge that battery cause my hp to crash? And why would it have erased my hard drive? And is there a way to retrieve the information that was on my hard drive?


Oct 15, 2016
By the sounds of it you shorted your entire system. USB is only meant to handle a few volts of electricity and it outputs that electricity not inputs it, and by connecting a spliced usb wire to the battery you did the opposite of trying to charge it. Any power left in the battery would of went through the usb cord into your laptop, rather then the other way around.
Definitely a no no.... and a big yikes...

Unfortunately it sounds like you're out of a computer.
Jan 1, 2019
I appreciatell the prompt response and I'm sorry I'm new to the forum and therefore am still trying to get used to how it all works. I understand that what I did wasn't smart and is why it most likely killed my hp but what I don't understand( maybe it's just blind hope) is why that would erase my hard drive as I had many pictures and all my music on it so retrieve it all will be very time consuming if I can't just pull it off the hard drive from my other hp
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