Laptop's wifi turns off makes laptop freeze


Feb 1, 2016
I use a Dell Inspirion 3531, It's been 3 weeks since this has problem started. I had done a factory restart, and reinstallation of Windows OS yet the problem still occurs. I have also updated my drivers specially the one for the WIFI adapter which is Dell. Heat isn't much of an issue. Could this possibly be a malware that I can't seem to remove? Thanks !

I would say it's not a malware issue since you've already done a complete factory reset and the same problem persist. I would suggest to take off the wifi card off your laptop then see if the same problem will persist or not. The freezing of your laptop can also be related to the HDD of your laptop instead of the wifi card. If the same problem will persist after you've remove the wifi card continue with the test with your HDD. Try your laptop with a different laptop or PC and see if the same problem will persist or not. Or if your have another HDD test it with your laptop then observe it.
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