Laptops with Haswell based CPU and AMD GPU

Ramkumar Shankar

May 28, 2013

I am looking for a laptop with good CPU with (decent single threaded performance) with mid level AMD GPU. This is a personal laptop. I will be using it for mainly some code development, general compute and occasional gaming.

I prefer Intel based CPUs (i5 or i7/Ivybridge or haswell) because its single threaded performance is far better than AMD and doesn't get heated as much. I need AMD graphics because I will be doing some OpenCL development on it. I have been looking for a laptop with this configuration and I am not able to find any. Budget is a concern too... anything under $800 would be great.

Any of you have any suggestions?

The problem is, it looks like AMD APU's are in most laptops if you want AMD graphics below a certain price.

If you want Haswell and a dedicated GPU it looks like you have to deal with NVidia GPU's. I looked around and couldn't find a single Haswell/AMD-GPU config.