LCD Screen "washout" with pink vertical lines and cyan color


Feb 14, 2016
Hello guys!

Kensta here, and I am new to this forums, but long been a stalker in case I need some help with my laptops. This particular one has bugged me, since I have a little experience with laptop troubleshooting and repair, but I have never experienced this particular problem before in my 8 years of (low graphics setting) gaming on laptops.

While I was playing War Thunder with friends, I had CMAA force enabled in the Intel HD Graphics 3D control panel, and, War Thunder being graphics-intensive, I had it all on the lowest settings possible (except for Medium texture setting). Don't worry, I get 60+ FPS on ultra low graphics.

All of a sudden, while playing with friends, the vivid colors on my LCD died down to, what looked like, no more red display in everything, and pink vertical lines appear on the whole screen when I'm looking at anything bright (sky, for example). When I'd look at something dark, i.e. the ground, the pink lines fade away, but the normal color doesn't return.

I've been playing War Thunder with this problem for 2 weeks, and now I thought I had enough. It feels like I'm into something different, and gaming without the R in RGB coloring just looks outright weird. I've tried ruling out different possible causes suggested by my buddies: drivers, LCD screen, or graphics chip dying. Drivers weren't the problem because I booted up in Kubuntu and the anomaly was still there, when Kubuntu is using a different driver compared to Windows. I opened my laptop up and checked the connector to see if it was loose. I disconnected and reconnected it in order to make sure, still no bueno. I'm still thinking it might be either the screen or the chipset.

My graphics drivers are up to date, so that shouldn't be the problem either.

But, if it was the chipset, then the CPU should be dying as well, right? It is an integrated graphics chipset I'm gaming on, after all. Here are some pictures I took on my smartphone about this particular problem:




This is a HP 15-r032nx Notebook PC. If it's needed, specific system specs are as follows:
Intel Core i5-4210U @ 1.7 GHz, up to 2.4 GHz
Intel HD Graphics 4400
Windows 10 ver. 1511

Since then, I disabled CMAA, even though it wasn't taxing on my framerates. Here's my Intel HD Graphics Control Panel 3D settings:


I know, I might have sounded stupid in my post, but I guess that's part of learning. I cannot test via connecting to a monitor since I don't have a HDMI to VGA adapter, and if the LCD is the culprit, I'm not sure if my area of residence in the Philippines offer the LCD screen for this laptop.

I hope to see your solutions.
Thanks in advance,

P.S Misconfigured color profile is not the culprit, as the red coloring is completely dead. Anything that's red-colored appear as black.
P.S #2 Other than the color anomaly, it works perfectly fine. Games run perfectly, and this "washout" doesn't affect how I use my laptop at all. It's just that this problem annoys me at times. I can try to take clearer pictures of the problem upon request, since I didn't give time for the phone camera to focus.