Question led strip connection

Aug 17, 2019
Hello all,
I want to put led strip on my pc monitor (which connected to laptop)
the led strip connected by simple usb and my monitor has only 3 outputs: vga, dvi and the ac power. Is there any option that the usb will connect to one of the monitor's outputs? (the reason is that I don't want the cable to be eye-visible, so I can't use the laptop for that or any other option without the monitor itself.)
By your description your monitor doesn't have any outputs at all. They are all inputs. You can't power the strip from the monitor itself.
If you can't see the other cables you should be able to plug the power supply for the strip in and run a small cable along with the other ones.
If not then the only other option would be to place the power supply for the LED strip behind the monitor with the strip. Now you need AC for it. You could tap into the AC cord for the monitor and connect it there.
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