Legally Sharing Dish Signal

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Jul 14, 2018
I live in an area where there is no cable TV access. (Yes, in 2018 America this is still possible.) We currently have DISH Network TV and AT&T DSL Internet. My house is surrounded by trees. As they grow, we are losing access to some of our DISH channels. A technician was here today and said that whoever originally placed and set up our dish did a masterful job of finding the ONLY spot on our property with any chance of "seeing" the satellite(s). He recommended against trying to adjust it, fearing that he might actually lose what we already have. We can't afford the extensive tree removal/trimming necesssry. BTW, DirecTV just laughed at us when we had them come out to take a look. Some of our neighbors have DISH and/or DirecTV dishes with clear views of open sky. Is there any LEGAL way for us, with permission from the neighbors and provider to piggyback off someone else's dish? Can it be done wirelessly?
I don't know of any option to use a "remote" dish antenna. One option, rather than tree trimming, would be to raise the dish via a tower. That would allow you to clear the trees.


Question from roddhall : "Legally Sharing Dish Signal"

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