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    Solved! How to wire new house for Dish TV

    We are building a new house and want to have wiring in place for satellite TV so that, when we move in we don't have to let satellite company string wires throughout. We currently have Dish in our existing house and will proabably remain with them. How should we wire? Coax from where dish...
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    Solved! How do I connect my Samsung Smart TV (QN75Q7F) to a satellite dish?

    Hello, I have a Samsung Smart TV, and I have set up a satellite dish and set the frequencies, found the channels and everything through an external receiver. But I've heard that these TVs have their own built-in receivers. I have connected the cable directly to my one connect and in the live tv...
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    Essential Sky Q Tips and Tricks

    Get to know your next-gen TV system, with these essential Sky Q tips and tricks. Essential Sky Q Tips and Tricks : Read more
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    Solved! Splitting the Dish Netwrok Satellite input signal to four locations.

    I would like to be able to split the coax cable coming in from my dish network dish and have it connected to 4 locations in the bedroom where I can then move my receiver to any of the 4 locations and have it work. What kind of splitter do I need? The receiver will only be connected to 1 location...
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    I have 5.1 sound fore satellite tv and on demand but cannot get Netflix to play 5.1

    I have 5.1 sound on everything from tv box to Bose but l can not get Netflix 5.1 just pcm
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    Solved! I have motorhome in Canada and travel to USA six months.

    Can I get direct satellite tv and internet in my motorhome in Canada and traveling in USA for six months
  7. R

    Legally Sharing Dish Signal

    I live in an area where there is no cable TV access. (Yes, in 2018 America this is still possible.) We currently have DISH Network TV and AT&T DSL Internet. My house is surrounded by trees. As they grow, we are losing access to some of our DISH channels. A technician was here today and said that...
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    replacing satellite TV and cutting the cord

    I live in the Houston, TX area. Can I replace my satellite dish with a outdoor digital antenna and service all of my home's TV with the one antenna? I have 4 directv receivers currently in my home.
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    Sound on HTS from Freesat

    Can I connect my Humax 1100s so the sound comes through my Sony DAV-DZ230/DZ231. I have Sony Bravia KDL-32w40xx. I have HDMI connection from Humax to TV and from HTS to TV. Also have a scart from HTS to TV. We did have a sky system on scart to TV and this would give us sound through the HTS...
  10. henrytcasey

    What Is DirecTV Now? Packages, Channels and More

    DirecTV Now allows users to ditch the dish and cable box for a live TV experience they can take everywhere. Here's everything potential subscribers need to know. What Is DirecTV Now? Packages, Channels and More : Read more
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    Using Satellite tv and Digital converter box at the same time

    I have a samsung smart tv and I have direct tv service. The direct tv box is connected to my tv with A/V cables. However I also have a converter box with a satellite to watch some channels that are in different languages. My problem is I can't connect the A/V cables from the converter box to the...
  12. mprospero

    How to Control Your TV with Alexa

    You can use Amazon's voice assistant to control your TV, look for programs, actors, and even control your DVR. Here's how to set it up. How to Control Your TV with Alexa : Read more
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    System connections for satellite TV sound

    Hi Guys, I have a Yamaha RX-V671 sound system, a VU+ Duo 2 satellite receiver and a Samsung Smart TV. How should I connect them to Get the sound Rønning through my Yamaha Speakers?
  14. S

    Cutting my satellite!

    I am giving up my satellite tv service. I bought a multi-directional OTA antenna and intend to remove my rooftop dish and mount the antenna to the existing arm. I have 4 cables (RG60) to connect to the to each tv in my house. Can you help me with what I need to get to hook up...
  15. R

    Cable tv on apple tv box

    I there any way to connect a regular satellite tv or cable tv network with apple tv
  16. G

    Dish vs. DirectTV: Which Satellite Service Wins?

    We compare Dish and DirecTV based on pricing, channels, exclusives and other perks to help you decide which TV service is best. Dish vs. DirectTV: Which Satellite Service Wins? : Read more
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    Trying to stream to an older TV

    I have an older Vizio tv with an input that I don't recognize. It is a circular multi-pin port. I want to disconnect to satellite TV but want to be able to stream on the Vizio if possible from my wireless internet.
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    Satellite and OTA into one port?

    I have a TV with one open coaxial port. Is it possible to plug-in DirecTV and an over the air antenna into the same port? Could I use a coaxial cable splitter, combiner, or Diplexer? I've already tried plugging the antenna into the input on the back of the DirecTV receiver, didn't work...
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    Solved! How can I use my California based DirecTV DVR in my Florida location?

    I have 2 directv accounts in two different states. I want to take the DVR from California and use it in FL where I have service as well. I added my California DVR into my Florida location but I am receiving an error (771) saying there is an issue communicating with the satellite dish. My...
  20. K

    My HD satellite receiver went out, got new sat receiver. Now have vertical line,pixelation

    My HD satellite receiver went out (failed equipment) , got new sat receiver. Now have one magenta vertical line in my HDTV 1080 led. It is on the left side looking at the tv. I read this was this caused by my old failed satellite receiver. Old receiver kept having power failures and would shut...
  21. K

    Best way to connect 4k tv with hdr to soundbar plus other components

    Products: 1. LG - 60" 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range Model: 60UH7700SKU 2. Vizio S5430W-C2 54in 3.0 soundbar (2014 model) 3. DirecTV Genie DVR box 4. Playstation 4 So to get the full use of the hdr on the TV and the audio from the sound bar, can I just plug the Genie box directly...
  22. C

    Difficulties connecting Yamaha receiver to Kuro Plasma TV

    I have a pioneer Kuro Elite Plasma TV and a new Yamaha receiver, RX-V581. I cannot get anything from the receiver to display onto the TV. I connected HDMI to an open HDMI port on the Kuro and I also connected a digital audio cable. Suggestions?
  23. B

    Please Help With Dish Satellite Remote

    Yes I tried to hook up a roku box to my dads TV and finally got it to work but thinking I may have changed a wrong setting in the TV settings. On my dish remote if I click the "sat" button it goes to a blank screen. If I go into my TV inputs and select "component" the dish screen comes up but...
  24. mprospero

    Dish Hopper 3 Review: The Best Just Keeps Getting Better

    Dish customers would be wise to upgrade to the Hopper 3, which can record up to 16 shows at once, streams 4K, and lets you watch four games at the same time. Dish Hopper 3 Review: The Best Just Keeps Getting Better : Read more
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    Toshiba Satellite S55-A5295 Cooling Problem

    My Toshiba Satellite Laptop has been running at dangerously high temps lately when gaming on it (up to 95c) making the CPU de-clock heavily, halving it's real performance making gaming on it a nightmare with low fps on very easy to run games. I have also seen many cooling system warning pop ups...
  26. Robert Fraley

    Lip Sync Hdmi

    I have Directv home satellite tv and notice the video and audio are not in sync. I have read some information about HDMI cables and indications that they have something to do with mismatch. I have read that some cable are better at controlling the sync. I have read that there are other devices...
  27. mprospero

    Netflix on Dish TV Hands-on: It's About Time

    Dish TV customers can now access Netflix right from their set-top box. We tried out this long-awaited feature, a first for any cable or satellite provider. Netflix on Dish TV Hands-on: It's About Time : Read more
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    Desperate to have Dish Network in Venezuela

    I live in Caracas Venezuela very specifically in the area of "Alto Hatillo." I am very interested in having this service in my home. For two years I had a subscription of satellite TV Claro Puerto Rico but recently They merged with DISH and this satellite went offline. I have been using a 1.8 m...
  29. R

    Directv signal disruptions from bad weather really a problem? (question revised)

    I'm considering switching from the Cablevision/Optimum's triple play to Directv/just Optimum Online Internet/magicJack Plus. The main reservation I have is whether there will be any significant signal disruption from rain or snow storms. From what I'm reading, as long as the dish is accurately...
  30. G

    New Agreement Slashing Set-Top Box Energy to Save $1 Billion Annually (Op-Ed)

    Industry agreement may save U.S. consumers $1 billion each year. New Agreement Slashing Set-Top Box Energy to Save $1 Billion Annually (Op-Ed) : Read more
  31. Jill Scharr

    Your Guide to Cable TV Cord-Cutting

    Is it time to ditch cable or satellite TV? Follow this guide to figure out the best and cheapest ways to watch your favorite TV programs. Your Guide to Cable TV Cord-Cutting : Read more
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    Hello, how to aim dierctv dish? is audio feedback possible during installation?
  33. L

    Is direct tv satellite 119 the same one for dish network

    can direct box work on a dish reciver
  34. H

    can i use my big dish and my 2720r again

    Hello,i have a 10feet wineguard satellite dish and a general instruments 2720R video decipher and all the parts i need to reeasemble it again i took it down when i moved to a diferent town can i install it again and will it work to watch free tv programing
  35. P

    Composite va to hdmi converter

    Will using a Composite AV to HDMI Converter help our standard non-hd satellite receiver make our picture on our lcd hd tv clearer? We have an older DirecTv receiver that only has a antenna/cable, s-video cable and Composite AV jacks we have purchased a new 65" Toshiba LCD HD-TV that has several...
  36. N

    Home Theater Setup

    My boss currently has 5 tvs with 5 directv boxes connected to them. The boxes are in a room behind the home theater room. Well I believe one of the IR sensors has gone out. And from what I know the people that installed it did everything half a$$ed and trying to figure out what they did is not...
  37. H

    How to hook up home theatre system so sound works w/ satellite

    Hello, we received a Sony DVD home theatre system (DAV-TZ140) for Xmas. We have all the speakers working w/ the tv & DVD player but don't know how to get the surround sound to work w/ our dvr satellite receiver... Any suggestions??
  38. X

    Resolution settings

    My directv box only goes to 1080 I But resolution of my 52 inch LCD Samsung is set on 1920 By 1080 I the bottom and the top are cut off cant see the Warning banners when they come on can any1 help with this
  39. Yozer34

    Problem with video connection

    Okay so I have this old satellite receiver with audio jacks (red and white) and a composite video jack (yellow). The audio jacks from the receiver connect fine with the HDTV, the only problem is that my HDTV does not have a yellow jack for video - instead, it has red; blue; and green jacks. Is...
  40. phil0083

    Not sure what's the best route as far as adapters go

    I have a 22" dell monitor that I would like to setup in my kitchen and mirror off my directv box in the living room. Neither the directv box or the monitor have the same kind of port so an adapter/converter will be needed. Cabling is not a problem as it will be ran through the walls and the...
  41. S

    My picture is blurry with my hdmi cable in

    Hello, set my new smart tv up picture bit blurry with hdmi cable into sky box
  42. M

    I live in South Bruce Pennisula, (Sauble Beach Ontario) can I get direct satelli

    I live in South Bruce Pennisula (Sauble Beach Ontario) can i get direct satellite tv and can i take it to the usa.
  43. P

    Locating Wep Key ID

    Where can the wep key be found on my motorola wireless router?
  44. L

    Sharing my satelite with my daughter at college

    Hello, My question is I have Direct TV with 4 receivers in my home. 2 of witch are standard boxes not being used. My oldet daughter in college has moved into an Apartment without cable service provided. She cannot afford cable/satellite TV on her own. Is there a way for me to be able to give...
  45. D

    Getting directv to work in Canada

    Hello everyone, I've read some information about this before but none of them really answers my questions. I live in canada, i have relatives in New york city (sister). it should not be a problem for me to get a subscription with directv. Once i get the receiver, i'm planning to bring it over...
  46. A

    How to use existing direct tv reciever in 2nd home

    I have direct t.v. service in my home & want to take one of my recievers and use it temp. in my sons collage room. Their is a dish not being used on his building and was told o.k. to use, when I connect the reciever, I only get searching for satelite signal. I Direct t.v. wants an addtl' $55.00...
  47. Ripthruster

    Question about adding a 2.1 sound bar to TV

    I want to add a sound bar to my LG TV and am looking a 2 different models. One is a Samsung and one is an LG. My question is: How is volume handled between the bar and TV? If I set the audio level on the bar and try to Volume up on the TV, will it get louder or does the sound bar's volume...
  48. R

    DirecTV Equipment and Setup

    Hi all, I have a question and I cannot find the answer anywhere. I will be receiving a DirecTV receiver and subscription that I will be paying for but I will have to do my own install as it is a second receiver from another account and as such I will have no equipment from the service provider...
  49. S

    Directv satellite pointing

    i have america neighbours that brought there direct tv receiver up with them to sudbury ontario canada. can you give me dish pointing coordinates?
  50. R

    Satellite signal over ethernet

    I have a tv setup in a bonus room in our detached garage. I already have a Cat-5 cable run underground to that building and would like to use that cable to carry the satellite signal from the house. I need a coaxial to ethernet converter and then an ethernet to coaxial converter to connect to...
  51. G


    Hello everyone, it's 2012 and we bought our house 1.5 years ago and have been wondering about the dish on the side of our house. never heard of this company (direct TV) but the dish is there alright. can anyone tell me if it's open to service now (because we already have the dish) or will it...
  52. M

    How i can watch tv on my computer with mozilla firefox

    how i can watch tv on my computer with mozilla firefox
  53. D

    TimeWarnerCable Internet and DirectTV Options

    At the present moment I have Time warner cable with no competition in town. rates continue to rise and I really don't have any special packages. I have been thinking of maybe this is the time to switch to Directtv. However, I want to keep my internet broadband from time warner but no tv...
  54. H

    How to install pci express satellite card in pci slot

    Hello, How to install pci express satellite card in pci slot skystar hd express
  55. P

    Verticle lines in plasma tv

    Hello, verticle lines coming in the left side of lg plasma 42 inch tv
  56. C

    Hdmi splitter. pigtail does pigtail go into tv

    just purchased three way splitter hdmi pigtail does the pigtail connection go tv
  57. D

    home theatre - sound no picture

    Hello, I have a pioneer plasma tv. receive the message "Plasma Display Starting up. Please wait" Have sound but only the message for picture.
  58. R

    RCA proyection tv visual problems

    men i wana know cause i got a big proyection tv RCA and i can hear the channels but on screen says weak signal anybody knows how to get it right because its plug to a directv sistem that has full signal????
  59. K

    Mitsubisi tv model wd-82840 problems troubleshooting picture

    just got my new tv verry happy .been areal baddle with wife . this my true entertainment in my life . not my wifes or familys ido the family thing. that is tht most important thing . but when i get home everyone in bed its my time and i live for it .this is my enjoyment to totally loose...
  60. R

    Directv canada

    how can i get directv in canada