TimeWarnerCable Internet and DirectTV Options


Dec 24, 2007
At the present moment I have Time warner cable with no competition in town. rates continue to rise and I really don't have any special packages. I have been thinking of maybe this is the time to switch to Directtv.

However, I want to keep my internet broadband from time warner but no tv. Then order direct tv for 3 tv's.

Does anyone on the forum do this?

Generally - its cable for internet and directtv for tv service.

Right now I pay $116 dollars a month and I am not even living in an expensive area. I also just have the regular service of channels 2-80 or so and no digital but I like the high speed service for gaming. However, TWC is the only show in town when it comes to broadband connection. MY service is even more expensive than the options on LONG ISLAND.

Anything you guys can recommend?

sorry if I placed on the wrong section.


Dec 24, 2007
hi rev,

I live in upstate new york and do people still have to keep the basic cable with time warner or can you go just with broadband? I will call them and tell them I might switch and see if they give me a deal. I have been a customer with them for 18 years I believe so that like 18,000 dollars for time warner and never a thank you or hey, how about a little extra well lets see if they come forward.
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