Lenevo Y580 - 1099 $


Jan 5, 2013
Hello ,
I want some advice for this laptop (Lenevo Y580) - link below :


I want to know if it can play games on atleast high (if not ultra) or at the least medium at 1080p . I will be using it for programming , games and applications like photoshop ,etc .
Can it play the latest games for the next 2-4 years ?
Also can anyone tell me what will the 16 GB SSD improve ?

And also there is this model http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:item.detail?GroupID=457&Code=20998NU&category_id=AC523278A4F13F27A84F5F5622D1AC7A

I currently live in UAE but i can get the laptop from US through my friend .

Also will Lenevo Y500 Series be enough as i have read that there is not much difference between gtx 660m & gt 650m ?



Jul 24, 2011
Okay, laptops are not future proof, the laptop should perform well at 1080p and should handle most of today's games at a decent (high) graphics level.

As far as the next 2-4 years... it's hard to say, the problem lies in that you can't really replace any parts on the laptop, yes it will be able to play the games for the next few years but it will eventually fall below your standards as games become more and more demanding.

A 1GB SSD is incredibly small, it will improve the load times of anything you put on the drive, for example if you put a game on the SSD you will notice almost instant load times, this has no effect at all on frame rate.

The 16GB SSD might fit the Windows OS on it, nothing more. You will have to install everything else onto a mechanical HDD, which is much slower by comparison.

The second link is very similar in almost every way but has a smaller display resolution, this will make games run alot faster than they would if you were using a 1080p resolution. the larger the resolution the harder the GPU works.

So the second laptop will run games faster but at the cost of a less sharp image.

I would recommend the first laptop with the 1080p resolution.

I hope this clears some of your questions up.


Jan 5, 2013
Thanx a lot .

I am thinking to get a laptop with gt 630 or something. Nd get a gtx 660 ti for the desktop nd play games on desktop .

Anyways , thanx a lot on the advice .
Much Appreciated !


Jun 25, 2011

For 2-4 years it will be sufficient, as the years go on, you may have to forgo the usage of new eye/candy in modern games, but your overall graphics fidelity should remain at the same level of current games on High/Ultra mix.

I just replaced my Y570's Dual core, with a quad core processor, I've upgraded the RAM, replaced the CD-Drive with an extra SSD-Bay as well. That is the most you can change on it. The 3630QM is pretty much top of the line anyways though. You can replace parts, just very limited in what you can.

The 16GB SSD is NOT meant to have anything installed on it at all actually, it is meant to be used as a cache drive for the HDD. It is a cheap mSATA card they use for this.

**Lastly, that laptop is ALWAYS on sale for a "weekly deal". (Marketing scheme...) However when it does ACTUALLY go on sale, minimum you can take off another $100, I've seen it have as much as a $500 off, making it $849 for the 1080p Model.