Lenovo 80e5 laptop slow


Jun 4, 2016
I bought the following laptop from flipkart almost a year ago:-

I use the laptop constantly(by that I mean its on 24/7). But it has become quite slow now. I think the main problem is the hard drive. It has 5400 rpm and it has 1 TB space. And I have used the hard disk quite vigorously. At least 20tb data passed through(i.e. written to the hard disk and deleted) the hard disk since I bought it.

I am trying to find a new hard disk for the laptop. I am not interested in buying an SSD drive since they are quite expensive. I found this hard disk online:-

It has 7200 rpm and its 1 TB in size. But I am not sure if it will be a good fit for my laptop. I don't know exactly which specs to check to determine which hard disk would be good for my laptop. So any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jun 2, 2016
As far as I can tell, the hard drive should work fine. However, you may want want try performance boosting software first. Plenty of free ones out there (Advanced System Care is one I like) that can optimize your laptop. Really helps get rid of all the junk that slows you down. Have you ever defragged your hard drive? Might help considering how much data you've pushed through.