Question Lenovo Flex beeping and won't boot

Jun 11, 2020
Please could you help me identify the problem with my Lenovo Flex 2-14?
  1. It makes a continuous beep sound (with long breaks between beeps ) after I start my laptop up till the Boot Menu / App Menu shows up
  2. In the App Menu/Setup / Boot, I changed the Boot Mode to Legacy Support (from UEFI) and it took me to black screen with Lenovo logo and options to press F2 for Setup or F12 for MultiBoot Menu. Regardless of what I press, it takes me back to the Boot Menu
  3. I can see "Hard disk" and "ODD" - "Not Installed" under the tab information

So far I took out the hard drive and RAM (there is only one) and inserted them back but that didn't help.

Is it the hardware that is broken? Thanks! A