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Lenovo Ideapad 7570 shuts down if moved, bumped, or sometimes for no reason at all.


Mar 27, 2014
I bought the laptop for my girlfriend from Costco about two years ago. One year into its use, the motherboard failed and it wouldn't load at all. Given that Costco sells all computers with an extended warranty (2 years), i was able to jump through what seemed a dozen hoops and have Lenovo fix the problem. No big deal right?

Immediately after getting the laptop back, i install avast pro, office 2013, creative suite 5, etc.... Then reboot it, and tell her everything is great. The very next day she calls me at work to say if she moves it while holding it in one hand, or hits the space bar with a tad more force than usual, or even taps the shell, the laptop shuts down regardless of whether it is plugged in or not. By this time, the warranty is now void.

I view myself as computer savy (I build my own desktops/help all of my friends with their computer issues), and thought it could be a hard drive issue, or power connection to the newly replaced via Lenovo motherboard. Disk diagnostic said everything was fine. So i opened the thing, checked the connection from both the battery and the power cord that plugs into the MOBO, and everything is fine. I even painstakingly set up a multimeter test of the voltage for the power cord. Nothing.... Reassembled it, and turned it back on. After windows loaded, i tapped the space bar with 3x the normal force necessary to type, and the bitch shuts down....

After a bit of research, there are reports that some motherboards are really not designed for the cases they are in. And pressure could cause a short circuit at which the laptop shuts down as a safety feature.

I really don't know what to do. Lenovo's customer services leaves much to be desired. As stated, the warranty is expired and i have little doubt they will require me to pay for any repairs, even though they returned it to me in a non-working condition. The cheapest price for a replacement MOBO is around $350, and for that price i might as well get something new with a warranty.

Any ideas as to what it could be, or how i should proceed?

Thanks in advance!!
It certainly sounds like pressure on the case is causing contact with the board, and consequently a break in the continuity of an electrical path. It's not a common problem, but it has come up with other laptops. If this is per fault of a design defect, there may be some homebrew method of preventing the case from hitting the board, but I can't really advise there. There are only standoffs on the bottom portion of the case for the screws.


Mar 27, 2014
Thank you for your quick response. I just reopened it for a third time, secured all connections, and tightened all harnessing screws near the battery and power adapter. Put it back together and it will not shut down no matter how hard i hit the spacebar, fingerpad, etc....

However the wireless network adapter (everything accept the Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI) have error 31 codes. :-( Tried manually downloading the drivers and reinstalling them to no avail. I will be making another ask thread for this problem.

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