lenovo ideapad yoga 11 not turning on

Jul 22, 2017
My Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 11 is not woking.it is a built in battery, so i cant remove it. i had kept it for about 8-9 months without use or charging.many months and days later, i tried to turn it on but no reponse. the led isnt blinking , the screen isnt showing anything . it is like doa- dead or alive. any solutions??? please as soon as possible contact me.
Mar 16, 2018
What most people fail to see on these Yoga devices is that they have a very small micro on/off switch mounted on the mainboard.
it is triggered by the exterior plastic spring 'button' that is mounted to the chassis.

The issue we have seen is that the Micro Switch will dislodge or break free from the mainboard causing failure.
The button you push appears to work just fine....but it fails to tap the micro switch due to its mounting failure.

I personally believe that this is a poorly designed and executed product.

We have had a client send in their Yoga three times for warranty repair. Pretty sure Lenovo should know this, but they keep replacing with the same low-quality component.
Only as good as it's weakest link.