Lenovo Laptop Screen not Working


Sep 6, 2016
I have a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and I dropped it a short distance. It slipped from my futon onto the ground in my dorm room while it was on/open, and the corner of the laptop hit the ground and the lid closed before I was able to recover it. After messing with it for a while and wondering why it SOUNDED like it was starting up normally but nothing was appearing on the screen, I plugged it into my TV and determined that my screen was what was broken. The computer seems to be working fine but when I tried to duplicate the display into both monitors, the images only appeared on the television. The laptop screen would light up, but remained entirely black.
Do I have to get the screen replaced or is there a way to fix this?

Mr Kagouris

Sep 7, 2015
First we need to determine if the screen is actually broken. Some laptops use one of the F keys to turn off the display. You should check to make sure that key didn't just get hit, shutting off the display.

If your display isn't just turned off, then you can also check the connector of the display to make sure it didn't slide out of its connector from the impact (this will require some disassembly and will void any warranty the machine has). If you don't want to do this and it's still in warranty, you could also send it in for warranty repair if there's no visible evidence of the drop.

Other than the above, your final option is paying for display repair (I wouldn't recommend doing a display replacement on a laptop yourself if you don't have experience).


Sep 6, 2016
None of the F keys are turning the screen back on, and the machine is a few years old so I'm 99% sure it's not under warranty any more. If you try to change the screen brightness the black screen it's showing me gets brighter/dimmer like it's supposed to.

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