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May 28, 2018
It appears Lenovo's tech support has gone to crap. Purchased an 720s-13ARR on May 16th. Received it a few days later. Slim, sleek, and light it really looks nice. Reasonably fast and battery life seemed ok. I was looking for something that I could travel with that would last on a coast to coast flight...…
It has issues. There are video issues that have been documented online that only now seem to be addressed. After a session with tech support they asked that I return it for repair as they had not luck solving over the phone. A ticket was issued on June 12th and it was returned. Lenovo received it on June 20th. Lenovo states a 9 day turnaround and it well past that point. I have received no communication from Lenovo as to the status other than a canned response to my emails that someone has been assigned and I should be patient.
I have escalated this matter and was told someone would get back to me withing 3 days, no one has. I called and asked for a supervisor. First time was told no one was available and I should wait to be communicated with. No one did. Second time I spoke with a supervisor who looked up my case and saw there were delays and a manager was assigned to my case. He indicated he needed an hour to speak with that manager and would call me back …… No one did.....
Mind you I payed for the upgraded warranty.
So at this point I called back and was told that since the matter was escalated I would have to wait 3 days. I pointed out that the period was already past 3 days and would like some information. well I got nowhere.
Lenevo has now had my laptop for well past their 9 day turnaround. I have no confidence this will end well and I have no confidence in this product.
Any help or direction would we appreciated.
Thank you

Saga Lout

Olde English
In England where I live, we have a Trading Standards department in every local authority and they take on companies which don;t provide good servicces.

If you a similar aagency where you live, I suggest you take the problem to them and tell Lenovo you intend to. Sometime, that last bit works wonders.
if your in the us look at your state lemon laws. here in mass if they have the unit more then 30 days or try 3x to fix and issue and cant you can force them to give you a full refund. if you used a credit card i would start a charge back. that let the vendor know your not joking. on the vendor there can be a few issues there not telling you. one the product so new there no parts yet and no date for them to tell you. none of there teck are trained on the product if it new. if they know the issue is a hardware issue they may be waiting for upgraded or repaired stock. contact the vendor ask for customer relations dept. go up the chair there and get your money back.
May 28, 2018

Yes there are similar agencies. Finding the correct one and filing a correct complaint is the hard part. Usually every state has some sort of consumer affairs agency. I have all that information. One of the best ways to get a company to respond is file a civil suit. Here in NY it costs about 45 dollars and once filed the company responds right away.
Lemon laws don't apply yet. I just want to know where my laptop is and when I will get it back. If they cant get I back to me send me a new one. That is not unheard of. At this point they have almost had it a month. And there has been no movement on the repair. I suspect they lost it in their system and cant find it as they recently moved their repair facility from Louisville KY to Memphis TN.
Thanks again

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