Question Lenovo Thinkpad T440p crashing on all operating systems (solved)

Oct 15, 2020
Laptop started crashing suddenly on Windows 10, it seemed it was randomly going into Sleep Mode (power button blinking when I tried to turn it back on). After some attempts at the Windows startup recovery, I managed to get back into my account but it just kept crashing, with display freezing up. I backed up my files and wiped the drive to install Ubuntu, to no avail - it crashes on any OS I'm running, and when running Windows installation media. On Ubuntu it had the message "kernel panic - kernel stack corrupted" towards the end of the error prompt. I've had this laptop for about 2 years, and the only other issue I've encounted was with a faulty power supply; that was fixed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Jul 7, 2020
It smells a bit to me like there may be a RAM problem because of the corrupted stack. Of course there are potential issues with the processor, buses, etc that could be a problem also.

I would suggest you see if Lenovo has a test program you can run to check everything out. If they don't, you can find a number of generic test programs by searching on the web. I would start out running a RAM test. Let this run a complete RAM test and repeat multiple cycles. This will take several hours. If the machine doesn't work well enough to run the test SW, it may be time to send it back to the factory. Hopefully you have data backed up as when it returns from the factory, it may be with the disk wiped.
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Oct 15, 2020
So I ran a RAM test as suggested by @AlHuneke and sure enough, errors were encountered... to the point of crashing even the memtest tool.

I was going to risk getting some new ram to see if I could salvage this, but before I did that I reseated the ram and ran the test again— amazingly this seems to have fixed the problem. Very helpful post, thank you!
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