Lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 won't turn on


Jul 6, 2017
Model 20DM-009GUS

i bought his laptop 14 months ago, just as the year of warranty was ending I started having issues with the battery where I could only turn it on when it's plugged in. I contacted Lenovo late to find out my warranty had been out for a week so they couldn't help. I decided to deal with it as I could still use it on battery once it was on m, but now two months later I had this issue where I tried to turn it on and the keyboard light would blink on then off immediately and it doesn't turn on, not even the fan or anything. After a few attempts I got it on but once off it's happening again and I can't turn it on now.

i tried unplugging the battery and doing the drain static charge thing and I saw in another topic it was a similar issue and the sw2 switch was the culprit but when I opened up the laptop there is no sw 2 switch just a square on the board that says sw2, I assumed this was a different model yoga 14. Can anyone please help me? I need this laptop to last me through college