Lenovo Y50 - Have questions. Need input!.


Jul 27, 2014

I did some research around forums and read/watched a lot of reviews about this laptop but there are a couple of things I can't seem to find answers to so... help? :p.

I'll be in the States next week and I'm planning to buy the non-touch UHD version one in this link. My primary use will be browsing, media and some development work but I also want to be able to play when on trips or just away from my desktop. I know that I can't expect the GTX 860m to be able to handle 4K resolutions in games so I have no issue with setting the resolution to 1920*1080 while gaming but I do have a couple of questions about it:
Does playing at non-native resolution looks good enough still? How does it compare to a native 1080 display?.
I've seen reviews showing some sort of letterboxing when having the Windows desktop set to 4k and trying to run a game at 1080, is that still happening?. What's the workaround?.
I've read some bad reviews for the FHD model's screen with some of those also complaining about the UHD display but also other reviews saying the UHD panel is much much better... what's your honest opinion? Good enough or should I definitely stay away?.
Totally unrelated with the above and I'm pretty sure it does but just to be sure... does the power adapter work with 220v outlets or do I need to connect it to a 110v one?.

What do you guys think of the overall system? My other option is something like this but it's slightly more expensive and has almost exactly the same specs save for a slightly faster CPU and a completely different screen.