Lenovo Yoga 3 14' multiple battery problems


Jan 22, 2017
The Problems
- Won't start without being plugged into charging cable
- If charging cable is removed or power outlet is turned off, the computer shuts down immediately
- Battery level stuck on 38% and will not increase.
- Screen flickers constantly

The Story
I have had my Lenovo Yoga 3 14' 940m for a long time now and was very satisfied with it, up until a few days ago. Suddenly the computer wouldn't start. I tried holding the power button for +10 seconds and nothing happened. Then I plugged the charger in and it started up. However when i got to the desktop the battery level was at 38%. I let it charge for about an hour and when i got back it was still at 38%. Furthermore the screen was constantly flickering. In some applications the flickering is worse than i others, ex. Google Chrome flickers a ton but in Adobe Acrobat it is a lot less. Is there any solution to this? Help would be greatly appreciated


Mar 27, 2017
Not a solution, but am having the same problem. My computer is stuck at 28%, but no flickering. Although indicator lights show it is charging it never changes. It also will only work while plugged in and supposedely charging. I don't believe this is a battery problem as it came on very abruptly-- in my experience dead batteries start to get worse over time. (Also happened once before, but I never figured out how my husband fixed it and he wasn't sure either.) I have tried several soft fixes like calibrating the batter and optimizing to no effect. I haven't tried opening the back of the computer yet. I am interested if the OP found a solution?
UPdate: calibrating the battery (again!) has it back to charging to 100% but I now am having the same problem as the OP where the light changes from 100% to 60% and back every several seconds. This is getting to be unusable with the dimming frequency. I have tried changing settings and it just continues to dim on and off. sigh. I hate buying new computers.
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