Question Lenovo z500 Black screen after SSD Swap

Feb 2, 2021
Hey guys,

Yesterday I have swapped HDD for SSD on my Z500 Laptop. I also added one 4gb ram. Win on the old HDD was freshly reinstalled so I cloned it onto new SSD. Everything seemed to be OK, laptop turned on np.

Today I tried to turn it on but nothing happened. Just black screen, no Lenovo logo, fan turned on for 3seconds and then went off. Same result without new RAM and old HDD.

I decided to do ESD discharge and also unplugged and re-plugged everything. This helped, laptop worked for 2 hours and then it just turned off again, same thing as in the morning. Any ideas?

I managed to get it running by removing new RAM. I just don't understand why it worked before and then suddenly it would cause shutdown
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Dec 8, 2020
check laptop specs. make sure the ram youve fitted is accepted.

im a little confused though, you said it did the same with the old ram? and hdd? explain please