Review LG SN8YG soundbar review


Jul 1, 2009
Just read your review (April 24 2021) and am seriously confused. I see one for a discount but its listed as a 3.1.2. Dont understand how a manufacturer could design a soundbar with a center channel but make it not surround capable. I think that rear channels are available to make it a 5.1.2 system, but including 2 tweeters to fake out some atmos possibility with a company like Meridian is wayyy below what LG is selling. I guess if I find it a cheap, that I could have a dolby 3.1 soundbar system with height capability. Funny but you reminded that 3.1 isnt surround but just a center channel system. Debate? Thanks fo rthe review. It might be the 3.1 system that I am looking for. LG should have included the rears to make it a real surround system because how many folks dont expect ATMOS means that surround is included? I can hear whats overhead but I dont know whats behind me........on a $700 system?