Solved! Livestreaming Church Service Audio issues

Oct 2, 2020
Hello , first time poster here. Really need help with an issue on behalf of our church..

So, we are a small ministry but doing our best to grow finally getting into the loop with live streaming our services. We have come a mighty long way from where this church first was before I came.

The video is not much of an issue but our audio can use a lot of work. Our desire is to have something clear and crisp to where you really only hear the pastor talking / preaching like how most programs sound.
This is how we are sounding as of now.
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Our desired result is something along the lines of this;
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The mic we are using now is connected directly to our laptop the Blue Yeti .

The streaming software we are using is OBS with the El Gato Cam Link .
Panasonic Lumix GH5S dslr camera to record.

What EQUIPMENT do we need or SET UP changes need to be made or more clear sound that sounds much more professional? To be honest money isn't much of an issue but would prefer good prices deals.

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