Locked out of bios, hard drive done cant boot from other drive>


Sep 17, 2016
So I have a lenova yoga 1.... well let me back up a bit.... I have had this computer for about 4 years ago. When I first got it I had some provlems with booze and benzos. So my memory is a bit shot from those days. Since went through the hell of getting off benzos and back on my feet. At some point in my year of intoxication I changed my bios password and set my bios to only boot from the hard drive. No way around the bios with lonova computers short of a new hard drive. Its been sitting on a shelf for a few years but thought I would take another stabe at it. My thought was to remove the HD from the computer and somehow install windows on it up until the point it starts gathering information from the computer. Being at this point the hd would be in a case in a different computer. Then take the hard drive and put it back in the yoga and finish the install. Will this work or is there an easier way? I would like to install win 10 and the comuter and win 7 on it but at this point getting anything on it would be good to go for me. Or should I just get a new mother board and get on with it. Thanks in advance