Feb 25, 2016
Hello all, I bought a used Logitech Z5500 a week ago and am encountering a problem.

When I listen to songs/movies, all the speakers work fine but the sub's bass comes and goes (well mostly when it goes, it doesn't come back until i turn it off and on). Sometimes, it works just fine for even an hour, other times it wont even play properly for 5 minutes.

To fix this temporarily, I just press the power button on the console to turn it off, and then on, and the bass comes back just fine. The bass doesn't completely turn off but it does come down to a level where it is hardly noticeable.

PS all the speakers work just fine, it's just the sub that does this. And this happens on all the inputs (coax, optical, stereo) . Also, there is no problem with the voltage in my house.

Please help. Any suggestions, opinions are appreciated...