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    Logitech Z-5500 blown-out noise

    I've owned the system new, for easily ten years. Recently it's developed an issue. It will suddenly just hum, on all channels, the control pods screen even flickers. I've tore into both the pod and sub to find nothing burnt or damaged. Suddenly it worked, but if you cranked the volume to loud or...
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    Z5500 home cinema setup ?

    Hello all need a little advice I managed to pick up a nice z5500 for my home cinema setup, i already have one driving my sound card on the computer. And it's amazing! So here's the issue I'm facing how can I get 6 channel direct on a home cinema system for example I have my Xbox one, My...
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    z5500 speakers making loud zzzz noise

    Hi I bought them around 2 years ago and worked 100% then suddenly one day, there was a loud cracking noise in the speakers like something was braking up and from that moment soon after there is a loud zzzz noise coming from all speakrs but most loudly from the woofer. No matter what volume I...
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    Logitech Z5500 bass problem

    Hello all, I bought a used Logitech Z5500 a week ago and am encountering a problem. When I listen to songs/movies, all the speakers work fine but the sub's bass comes and goes (well mostly when it goes, it doesn't come back until i turn it off and on). Sometimes, it works just fine for even an...
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    Logitech Z5500 back speakers and fornt speaker dont work?

    HI, Updated to latest via drivers and now 5.1 config dont work with only front speaekrs and sub working. Been trying to adjust in VIa audio deck for hours without success. Anyone know solution please? ta