Logitech Z-5500 blown-out noise

Apr 26, 2018
I've owned the system new, for easily ten years. Recently it's developed an issue. It will suddenly just hum, on all channels, the control pods screen even flickers. I've tore into both the pod and sub to find nothing burnt or damaged. Suddenly it worked, but if you cranked the volume to loud or disturbed it, it would develop the issue again.

Now I cannot seem to get it to work anymore, and the sound is worse than a hum. I reexamined it internally today, re-soldered a loose cap but still not luck.

I've read online that replacing the TDA7294 chips may be a solution. I'm unable to find any replacement amps.

Below is a video on Youtube, of someone else having the same issue. Around the 1:15 mark is where I'm at with the problem.

Anyone know a solution?