Lollipop android tablet 5.0


Jul 31, 2015
hi I bought a android tablet for my grandson it was going fine all charged up now it won't turn on
I have tried holding the power button, but no luck can someone please help


Jul 6, 2015
1. Is the battery flat of its power - that makes starting up very hard indeed...??? Charge it then try again...
2. Are you pressing down on the power button correctly..?? Of course, you have to hold that button down for an extended amount of time to get it on its way, don't you..!!!

No, I wasn't being sarcastic. I don't mean to insult your intelligence but it's amazing t how many of us don't do it right (not just with tablets - with anything electronic)..

I had an incident with my tablet a handful of weeks ago. I was brand new to tablets and tried to modify it with launchers and other apps etc. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I rebooted it after the launcher failed,, and it wouldn't power up. After a while of getting worked up about it and trying everything to get it to power up, I decided to hold the power button down a bit longer than usual and it finally booted up.. I think I was NOT hitting the power button correctly, because when it finally did re-power up I felt the click of the button. I mustn't have pressed it right while I was in a panic. It's a very small button indeed...

Hope you get it sorted...

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