looking 4 help on playing my DVD on old toshiba


Jun 27, 2017
do other dvd's work in the drive?
do cd's work in the drive?
does the drive work at all?
how old is this toshiba? old enough that it comes with a cd drive and not a dvd drive?
are you a smoker? because nicotine stains the lens over time and kills optical drives faster than stamping on ants.
i dont want to sound rude when i suggest: is it being put in the right way up?

does your old toshiba have up to date movie player? as i seem to recall a minor change in dvd format several years back; meaning newer dvds would not work in some older machines unless software was updated (i could of dreamed this up in my late night state of mind).
"Old Toshiba" what?
What are you loading the disc into and what do you want to view it on.
PC, TV, DVD player?
If it's a DVD player do you have any indication that the disc is running on the front panel?
Have you selected the input on the TV you connected the DVD player to? Does that input work with a different source?