Looking fir new laptop want a mac


Apr 7, 2016
Hey guys I am in the market for a new laptop and I am wondering should a macbook air or pro as I don't do a lot or storage because all my important stuff sits on an external hdd and I don't do video editing I just do basic stuff like browse the web,music,email. but I would like it to be one that has enough storage space for any programs that I amy use also if there are software updates? and I saw one online that has a 128GB storage is that alot? I look forward to hearing from you guys thanks,


May 9, 2015
128GB of storage is not a lot, while it is SSD and fast and all that, it will not last long if you want to store lot of things on the laptop.
Since you don't plan on doing so, it should still be enough space.

For your specified use, Web, music, email, almost any laptop would work. Bigger questions for laptop purchasing are:
do you need certain battery capacity?
how long it should last without power?
how big it can be? (10", 12? 13? 15?)
how heavy it should be? (relative to size but differences exist)
what price range are you looking to spend on it?

as for software updates, all the important bits are lately pretty much automated both on mac and windows side
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