Looking for a cheap 1080p Helmet cam

MaXiMus M8

Oct 11, 2013
hi i am looking for a helmet camera but i want to be able to get s very long recording time at least 5 hours. I am struggling to find a camera because i want to be able to record for at least half a day without having to stop


Are you talking about 5 hours of continuous shooting? If yes, finding one will be quite a challenge if even possible due to battery life. However, according to the description on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/GoPro-Camera-CHDOH-002-Outdoor-Edition/dp/B005WY3TI4) the GoPro 2 recording times are as follows:
"Media saved to SD card, up to 32GB capacity (SDHC). Average recording times using a 32GB card:
•1080p @ 30 FPS = 4 hours
•960p @ 30 FPS = 6 hours
•720p @ 60 FPS = 4 hours
•720p @ 30 FPS = 9 hours
•WVGA @ 120 FPS = 4.5 hours"

For about $60 less you could consider the Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Camcorder (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/887140-REG/Sony_hdras10_b_HDR_AS10_HD_Action_Camcorder.html#pr-header-back-to-top-link)
"Recording Time in Minutes:

Mode 8GB 16GB 32GB
HQ 60 125 250
SSLOW 40 80 165
SLOW 80 165 330
STD 160 325 650
VGA 295 600 1205"
According to what I have read Sony does not advertise information on battery life.

The Swann Atom HD Wearable Action Camera with LCD Screen supposedly has a maximum recording time of 4.5 hours in full HD. Never mind, looked at the Swann site and the battery life is about 1.5 hours.

Looks like the biggest challenge is finding one with a battery powerful enough to last five hours.



Depending on which one you choose you could see if a longer life battery is available and you could see what the maximum size card the camera supports.
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