Looking for a cheap laptop for watching movies?


Oct 1, 2016
My old laptop (i got it like 1 year ago) now has a LOT of dead pixels all over (with the battery suddenly dying on me) and am looking for a replacement; something that won't die after a year.
i use my laptop a lot, like 5+ hours when i have school and like 10+ hours when i don't (though i always use the charger so not having that much battery life isn't a problem but 6+ hours is preferred); so i'd like it if the laptop could handle that without getting all sorts of problems. i don't game (the most i do is like Sims 3), so any kind of advanced options for gaming isn't needed.
An internal storage of over 600GB is appreciated, and the price should be lower than 500 dollars.
i currently have a 1366x768 screen resolution and am happy with it, so the size should be around that.
The windows doesn't matter i can adapt to anything, as for the brand, since my current laptop is Asus intel core i3-3217u and has all sorts of problems i'd like to stay away from Asus as far as i can. i can probably work with anything else.
i hope i'm not asking for much, and thank you in advance.