Looking for a cheap upgrade


Dec 7, 2015
I hooked up a old pioneer vsx d705s receiver and some Yamaha ns 344 speakers to my setup to get an example of a stereo setup. The speakers have cone damage and the receiver has some shorting issues occasionally to the left side. I want to invest a little more into it. I do not have a lot of money really only 150$ which in the audio world sadly isn't anything. So I can only really afford a new receiver or speakers. As for a receiver I was looking into a Yamaha RS202bl. It has some nice upgrades from my current receiver with Bluetooth, a remote, looks nicer, and my current receiver is a little damaged. As for speakers I am open to suggestions however the polk tsi100s seem to be getting some nice reviews, being budget they probably aren't much better than the Yamaha ns344 I have now but they are smaller, and would fit my setup a little nicer, and the cones wont be damaged and have a hole. Possibly some technological advancements maybe in the cones??? So my question is would you buy the new receiver or speakers? Also do you have an opinion on the receiver and speakers I am looking at?