Looking for a (fairly cheap) Gaming Laptop


Aug 6, 2012
I'm looking to buy a new laptop for Christmas and need some hints of models to look at. I am a fairly hardcore gamer, but I recognize that economy laptops won't allow me the best experience. As such, I'm just looking for something that makes game playable. Therefore, decent processor, RAM, and especially graphics card are preferred.

I won't give an exact price range; I'm more interested to see what is out there for what price and adjust myself accordingly. That being said, I don't want to spend too much money on a laptop since I just spent $1000 on a very nice gaming computer that does all I need perfectly.

Other than gaming, the laptop would just be used for school work, nothing fancy. I just need a new laptop for class and for gaming while I travel (which I do quite a lot since my family is in the process of moving.)

The one game I'm most interested in running would be DotA 2. Here is a link to some of the minimum/recommended requirements for the game, as well as a community suggested build:

My current laptop, an Asus with integrated graphics, 4 gb of ram, and a Centrino processor (2.4 ghz dual core, I believe. I will edit this when I get a chance to double check) can't even run DotA 2 without crashing. So, I want to be able to play with smooth frame rates and (if possible) at least semi-decent graphics.

On that note, post away! Give me your best deals or point me in the direction of somewhere that I can buy a decent laptop!!