Looking for a gaming laptop for around 1500$


Aug 11, 2016
Hi everyone. I am a noob in the pc world but i need a new laptop for school and decided instead of getting a 1800$ macbook pro i might as well get a windows pc that can run games like gta 5 and battlefield at high settings etc. I read alot of reviews and cant find one with good reliability for my budget. Im looking for something that can last me 4-5 years and is around 15 inch. Thickness or weight doesnt really matter. Currently I am looking at the MSI apache pro 15 inch. Best buy has a sale its 300$ off so its 1500$ (cad) right now but im not sure about its quality. Appreciate other suggestions. I also was very interested in the alienware 15 but has alot of horror stories.
Thanks alot!