Looking for a gaming laptop for college under $1,000


Nov 1, 2015
As the title says above i am looking for a gaming laptop under $1,000 for college. I'm new to the gaming laptop market, so i don't know if certain parts are better than others.

Heres a list of things that im asked.

Size of screen?
Between 14 - 16 inch.

Main use?
Apart from web stuff, RAM heavy programs like photoshop will be in constant use. Photo related programs are primary. Gaming will be secondary.

Type of games? What settings?
Games like csgo, dota and league should be able to max out in settings. Other heavy ones like witcher or ARK im fine with running on lower settings such as mid to low.

Battery life?
4 to 5 hours is fine, the longer the better.

Other requests?
Yes, i need the laptop to be slim and light since it needs to fit in my bag, and im moving it from class to class. I also want it to last at least 4 years so the specs have to be good.

I live in the US and will be going to college here aswell.