Looking for a Good Gaming Laptop with decent battery life


Nov 11, 2013
Hello , I am currently looking for a gaming laptop for college and for other things like video and photography editing, playing games and video rendering. I would like this computer to be top of line "desktop replacement" , because i want it to last 4to 5 years. I would like to get one of the best gaming gpu's and maybe have sli, and have 32gb of ram , a good i7 processor and be able to power atleast 3monitors. I will mainly use it for gaming / video rendering, but i am also currently making a website and will be taking many pictures and videos ,putting them on it, I also would like it to have atleast 2hours of battery life if not more .I do not care how much it cost's, as long as it is under $2500 , but if there is a upgrade that is under $3000 for it, I would consider it, Please send me any ideas you have. You do not have to follow my specs i wanted , if you think something else would work, Thanks for looking and helping :)


Oct 30, 2013