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Dec 26, 2015

My Logitech G633's USB-Port stops working from time to time, which causes freezes/audio glitching in games.

So hey, got a valid excuse to buy new ones!

How was my experience with the headphones:

  • Roughly 2 years of service, never had issues.
    In certain games the virtual surround sound gave me better positional awareness, so did DTS-X give me the bass I wanted/needed for the music I'm mainly listening to.

    But now I want to move on, buy a proper stereo headset with an actual audio cable. If I'll ever want to get virtual surround sound again, I was thinking about buying the Sennheiser GSX 1200.
What I'm looking for:

  • I'm mainly playing FPS, so positional awareness is a must have.
    In terms of music, I'm listening to pretty much everything. But Bass is pretty much #1. I'll add 2-3 links to YouTube below.
    No microphone needed, got one.

  • I'd like to stay below 150€ - I'm from Austria, prices are different!
But now I might want to check out some open headphones, like the Sennheiser Game One(but shiet, they're ugly!) then I came upon the Sennheiser 598 for only 100€. 67 bucks cheaper than the "Gaming Headset". - is there actually any difference?

Sennheiser 598 says to have quite a weak bass- but it's fixable with a bassbooster via software - what you guys say?

Any other recommendations? I prefer price=value!

Here are just some random songs which are bass-heavy- (just play it for like a few seconds- timestamp is set!)

Tiny bit of air pressure is present, isn't it?

The bass is going up and down

Knew it before it went viral!! I'm special!!!

And the last one. Can't wait for your replies!

Had the chance to try the HD 598 yesterday - WHERE IS THE BASS?????????
For real, no chance that I'll buy them!


Feb 17, 2010
I have the HD 598 and love them. That said, they are fairly neutral so you're not going to get huge bass out of them. Not that I've had any complaints on the bass coming from them as it sounds very clean, but you wont be getting "Beats" level from them.

For music and FPS (primary Overwatch here) they do a great job. Positional sounds are pretty clear and they're beyond comfortable. Keep in mind, they don't have a Mic so thats part of why they may be cheaper than the Game One. The two share the same drivers, so sound may be somewhat similar tho I've seen some people saying the Game One doesn't sound quite as good as the 598. May be subjective, may be conspiracy theory, hard to tell.

If you did want to add a mic later on, you can with something like the Antlion ModMic.

True Buie

Aug 29, 2016
Heyo Paul_65

Amazing that you're changing over :)
I have a few headphones I could recommend for you. Some closed others open.

Audio Technica ATH-AD500X

A fine headphone to start out with. I own a pair of the older versions, the non-x and I gotta say I actually quite enjoyed them. They were the AD700's, but this at this range there's not much of a difference. They'e quite neutral, but not to the point of being boring. Bass is punchy and plenty enough Imo.

Beyerdynamic DT770

I'll never get tired of these headphones. My first real actual headphone and I still love 'em to this day. Their sub-bass performance is outstanding. They retain the clarity in the mids and highs, without being horribly sibilant. They're VERY v-shaped, so highs will be present, however I don't find it noticeably irritating at all.

Beyerdyanmic DT990

The open-back version of the DT770's pretty much. These are treble cannons however. I personally don't like them, however I know many who absolutely loves 'em. Sound is very subjective so you might enjoy their more than usual highs.

Phillips SHP9500

Love this headphone. Probably would compare them to Sennheiser HD650's however with more treble. Amazing headphone for the price, however personally I got "tired" of the highs after maybe 3 hours of usage. I had the HD650's the same time I owned the SHP9500's and tbh it was almost a blessing to go from the SHP9500's to the HD650's. Not because I didn't like the SHP9500, not at all. But the treble can be a little too much after some time.

Sennheiser HD599

You said you had been looking at the HD598's yourself. I've only had experience with the HD599 and they're quite good for their price. I would probably not praise them, but they're certainly no slough in the audio game. They have a thick low-end which some people really like. I'm more of a neutral and flat person, so that's what I really enjoy :3.
I'd guess the HD598's wouldn't be that much different from the HD599's. I've read myself that the HD598's are quite lacking in the low-end department, however that's also what I read about the HD599's. I guess I find it to have plenty of low-end because I come from my HD800's.

AKG K702

A fine headphone once again. You see the trend yet? lol. I own the K701's myself atm and they have the sound signature I enjoy, however the headband... I hate the K701's headband. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to put leather bumps on it. The K702's fixed that and actually have a little clearer mids.



Look for the Sony MDR 1A or the Philips Fidelio X2. Both will be close to your price limit but either will give you great bass. The 80 ohm DT 770 is also worth considering. Nothing else recommended here will give you actual sub bass. The Fidelio X2 is probably going to be more comfortable for long use.

The HD 598s are great headphones but they are bass lite. The soundstage is exceptional making them great for gaming and they do really well with just about anything except bass heavy music.


Dec 26, 2015

Hey! Thanks for your detailed answer!

After testing the 598 yesterday, I just realized how important bass is to me. 598 is out.

Do you play games as well? Because positional awareness is very important to me.

After spending half the night with Google, I came upon the Beyerdynamic Custom Pro Plus. What I like, or at least think I might like about them, is the switch to regulate the bass by myself. So depending on the game/music I'm playing, I'll always benefit from it.
Just like I have to do it with my current G633.
But how good is it in terms of positional awareness? Any info on that?

Some say the Beyerdynamic Custom is better than the DT 770 because you can regulate the bass, some say the DT 770 is a bit clearer... but what is the truth?

My MOBO is the Z170A M5 - I won't need a soundcard, right?


Those look ....gimmicky.

Did you try the HD 598 Cs? It's also called the HD 569. It's the same headphone just rebranded. Closed back HD 598 with better bass. It's still not going to make you happy as a bass head though. lol

There's the ATH M50X to consider. It seems to be a love hate headphone though. Check out InnerFidelity's wall of fame.


Do you need an amp/DAC? All the headphones listed in this thread would benefit. But roughly 80 ohm and under should get loud with onboard audio.

They won't be in your price range even used but the best headphones for bass in the midfi price range are the Massdrop x Fostex TH X00s. They're going to launch new ones soon with removable cables which fixes the only complaint about them. The Purpleheart in particular is loved by bass heads but all 3 are amazing. I'm not even a bass head and I still ended up with both the Mahogany and the Ebony. :D

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