Looking for an affordable Laptop


Nov 19, 2016
I need an Affordable laptop. Its not for gaming at all, Its just for recreational use.

Recreational meaning Writing, and looking at photography from my camera, Watching movies or just listening to music

I'm seeing if anyone can help me find a computer with these qualities.
- Light weight
- Price limit being 600$, maybe 700$ if I really fall in love with it
- Slim, Nice design
- Reliable, not a laptop from some unknown Chinese company, but not from a company that'll make me pay 200$ for the name of their company on my laptop (i.e. apple)
- Not slow, I want something fast (i.e. the ssd request)
- Even though I did request something with an SSD I'd at least like some storage, Not talking about a gigabyte or anything but like 100-200 MBs at least.

Thats about it, if you it comes with anything else like touch screen and it affordable, I'd love to look into that.

Thank you.



Greetings, Alleman:

I've taken it upon myself to presume that 13.3" to 15.6" is the screen size range, and that you secretly desire a 2-in-1 device. So here are 3 candidates:

Dell Inspiron 15.6" at $700 from:
2K IPS touch-display, dual-core i5 Kaby Lake CPU with Intel HD 620 and a 256GB SSD.

I assume that 'some unknown Chinese company' doesn't mean Lenovo?
Lenovo Flex 14" at $640 from:
2K IPS touch-display, dual-core i7 Skylake CPU with a 2GB AMD R5 (DDR3) and a 256GB SSD.

HP 13.3" at $569 from:
2K IPS touch-display, dual-core i5 Skylake CPU with Intel HD 520 and a 128GB SSD.

The HP is a very attractive 'budget option', although 128GBs will be gone fairly quickly. This could be remedied with an external HDD like this $50 WD:

The Lenovo offers a 2GB dedicated AMD GPU which seems a very capable package and more than enough for your stated needs. However, it's only DDR3 and it might struggle to outperform the powerful Kaby Lake/HD 620 setup in the Dell.



Nov 19, 2016

I love the Lenovo one you suggested, and the external hard drive looks very affordable
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