looking for Best TV for gaming at 600$ price point


Jan 21, 2015
I am looking for a new tv for gaming only on my XB1/PS4. Size wise I am looking for no smaller than a 40inch no larger than 50. My main concerns with getting a new one is input lag and ghosting due to bad response time. I am wandering if anyone on the forums would have any suggestions as to the best tv for what I am looking for? The 600$ price point does not include any taxes etc. So a tv right at 600 maybe a little over would not be out of the question as an option.

A few TV's I was looking at was the Sony bravia KDL40W600B but after seeing a video of it being used on youtube i seen it had a pretty bad ghosting issue.

Also the VIZIO E500I-B1 It seemed to be great for gaming but alot of reports of it randomly turning off.
And the last one I looked at was the Insignia NS-48D510NA15 but there was not enough info i could find on it to make a sound judgment as to how good it would be for gaming.

If anyone has any suggestions for a Good gaming TV that is at or close to my price point I would greatly appreciate it. Also if anyone has insight on the ones I listed maybe owning one and could give insight of their personal experience with it would be a big help as well.



I would go with a Vizio 50" for $523. I have two Vizios, both LED. The older one is from 2010, and they have both been rock solid, with no issues.

Insignia TV's are an inhouse Best Buy brand. They are known for being cheap, but not being good, and I would not recommend them, especially if you are concerned about motion blur issues. You can see in the link below they have many issues, especially for a brand sold in only one retailer only.

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