Looking for comfortable headphones for music and gaming with volume control


Oct 16, 2014
I'm looking for headphones with very good sound quality for music and gaming with volume control. They have to be comfortable to wear. I don't need a mic so I'd prefer headphones without one or with a detachable mic. I don't know if surround sound means better quality than stereo in headphones so I can't state my preference on that.

Additional question: Is a sound card / headphone amplifier worth buying or should I stay with the on-board sound card?

I've been using Creative Fatal1ty for a few years and they have pretty good sound quality I think but they are uncomfortable to wear for too long. Also the cable is really thin so it's been a bit damaged (no visible damage though) which causes the sound to be interrupted when changing volume and it's really annoying. I liked the volume control on the cable a lot though and it's a rather necessary part for me but sadly not all headphones have it.
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