Looking for comments on some specific notebooks


Aug 10, 2012
Am looking to replace my existing laptop which is used mainly for browsing email no games or video editing.

I noticed the following while searching and wonder if I could get comments on them as to good or bad.

Samsung - 15.6" Laptop - 6GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive I5 3rd gen $599.


Asus - K-Series 15.6" Laptop - 4GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive I5 3rd gen $579


Lenovo Ideapad U510-59355296 15.6" Laptop 6gb 750GB Hard Drive I5 3rd gen $549



The Samsung and Asus are basically similar in specs. Not sure about Samsung, but I have read many bad complaints about Asus support. Asus products are overall good quality, if you fall from hardware heaven (meaning your laptop develops a problem), then you need to deal with customer support from hell.

The Lenovo is an ultrabook so the CPU is a bit slow, but it does consume less power. It is also the lightest of the three laptops so if you are going to lug around a laptop you might want to take weight into consideration. Tech support is generally at the very least average, but I don't think it will go beyond "good". However, support for their business oriented laptops (i.e. ThinkPads) are at least good and you can probably expect it to be excellent in general.

Hi :)

Link to your PINK laptop site reported.... thats against Tome RULES.... you know, the ones you did NOT read...

All the best Brett :)
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