Looking for gaming/editing laptop under $1400


Apr 30, 2014
I've recently been looking into buying a new computer for medium level video editing and medium to heavy gaming. I realize a PC is better for these situations but I will be away at college in about a year or so and feel like a laptop is going to be more convenient for that. I've found some pretty nice options on custom laptops from a couple websites and I'll list my best find so far. However before I make a purchase I wanted to get some feedback from more experienced people since I have had some horrid experiences with laptops in the past. I need it to be below $1400 before tax (but if what you find is a little higher feel free to post).

Also if you simply have recommendations on parts or things to consider please let me know as well. To my understanding the i7 will be necessary along with 16 GB of RAM (but I don't really know what dictates quality RAM vs bad RAM), a good graphics card, and an a or ac internet card.

My requirements are:
Quad Core i7
Good Graphics Card
1TB + 7200rpm HDD
60+ GB SSD (120GB highly preferred)
8 GB RAM (16 GB highly preferred)
15 inch screen (17 preferred)

The best build I've found so far:
Processor: Intel Haswell i7-4810MQ (2.4GHz, 3.4GHz turbo)
Extra Cooling: IC Diamond Thermal Compound
GPU: Nvidia 860M 2.0GB GDDR5 w/ Optimus Technology
RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (2x8 GB) Dual Channel Memory
mSATA: No mSATA Hard Drive
HDD: 1 TB 7200rpm SATA II
SSD: 120 GB Samsung 840 EVO series [SSD2 - SATA III]
Network Card: Intel Dual Band AC 7260 802.11 A/AC/B/G/N 2.4/5.0 GHz + Bluetooth 4.0

Total: $1376 via xoticpc.com

Also, would it be smarter for me buy multiple HDDs and use RAID 0 instead of buying a single large HDD? And how significant is the difference between a mSATA SSD and a regular SSD?



Nov 12, 2013

You may like this one

The small downside compared to yours is the slightly slower graphics card.
See the exact details about the two cards here.

No, do not buy multiple HDDs and run RAID 0 especially on a laptop. One tiny movement in the wrong direction and all data is lost. The SSD should be plenty helpful to you.

There is no significant difference between mSATA speeds and SATA III speeds. they are just about the same provided both SSDs are good quality.
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