looking for info on old packardbell computer system


Aug 13, 2013
bought a storage unit with a packard bell Legend V at 286 computer and packard bell pb8552vg color video graphics monitor still in original packing, is there any value to this old unit. i have little to no knowledge of older computers and the value of such. any help would be appreciated. repond to shscutstones@gmail.com thank you!!!!!


Unless you get lucky and someone decides they want to buy it from you, I don't think anyone will take the time to email you.

If this computer is as you say, someone who has a real interest in antique computers and computer history would probably take it from you, but the item is so old that it isn't really having much use if it even still works. If you get lucky on ebay, pawn shop, or a flea market you may get up to $50 out of it, but in reality unless someone who really loves this stuff comes along you won't get that out of it. I would say you are more likely to get $10-20 out of it. Some people like me would love to have this thing, but because of limited storage space for such a big item, the very limited amount of use, a lot of people would pass on it. So good luck getting a buyer, just don't toss it if you don't find one, if you really can't find one donate it to a computer museum or something cause that things an antique.
Your best bet is some hobbyists that need the old interfaces to run equipment. I know there was a doctor where I worked that had an ISA interface board that ran a small scale race car track timer and needed to find an old computer to run it in. There are also games that like old games that have issues running on new fast equipment that may want an old box.