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    Can anyone help, please.with basic specs for Packard Bell laptop model P5WSO

    I am keen to get the specs for an older P5WSO model Packard Bell laptop. Can anyone help, please.
  2. A

    Packard Bell Easynote TS P5WS0 Screen and Fan problem

    Hey all, I have recently purchased a faulty laptop to repair and was wondering what others thought of these problems and how best to deal with them. The laptop seems to have 2 problems. 1) The screen does not work (laptop works fine with an external monitor), When i turn the power on for the...
  3. R

    Hi, I put a replacement screen into my Packard Bell Eastcote TE. Now the machine is completely dead. I unplugged the new scree

    Hi, I put a replacement screen into my Packard Bell Eastcote TE. Now the machine is completely dead. I unplugged the new screen and the machine switch on. I plugged the screen back in and laptop went dead. Now I have to unplug the screen cable from the mother board for the laptop to switch on.
  4. S

    I tried swapping laptop hard drives

    My beloved Packard Bell Easynote TJ65's hard drive finally gave up. I had a old Dell laptop laying around which belonged to my older brother in the past so i decided to get his hard drive and put it in mine. It worked and the computer did actually boot but there's a problem. Windows says that...
  5. G

    Ram upgrade for PB v5908

    Hello, could someone please point me to a resource for identifying a 1GB ram module for my old Packard bell v5908? Many thanks in advance
  6. S

    Replacement fan and battery

    How much would it be to buy a battery and a fan for a Packard Bell 2012 and would it be worth it. Plz
  7. H

    My Packard Bell T1000 Tablet Dropping Wifi

    I have Packard Bell T1000 Tablet My Wifi was Working Just Fine now it Drops Signal in Certain Rooms and wont work unless I'm In the same Room as my modem This Tablet is only 3 Months Old I have Reset and Factory Reset the tablet and nothing I know it's not my modem because everything Else works...
  8. Z

    Urgent!! urgent urgent

    When i stat my Packard Bell EasyNote a message appear in the screnn that the boot device missing or not found. I tried to enter in the BIOS to fix it but i can't have any access based on the way i am using to fix that problm for other brand. So what i have to do to fix it???? Help, please!!
  9. M

    Laptop won't boot from replaced CD-ROM

    I have a Packard Bell ENTE69CX laptop and it has only 1 hard drive slot, and because I want to buy SSD and I didn't used CD-ROM in like 2 centuries, I bought a case that replaces CD-ROM with HDD slot. So I placed my drive in it, but no matter what boot option settings I set, it says that there...
  10. J

    Packard Bell Easynote TK P5WS6 & Windows 10?

    Just wondering if anyone here had upgraded this old laptop to Windows 10 and if it was smooth sailing. Also trying to find it under whatever alternative name Packard Bell gave it as cannot find it listed on their website. thanks
  11. H

    Packard bell p7ys0

    My laptop is pretty old but overall I've taken a good care of it and it runs smoothly and nice. The problem is that about a couple of months ago as I was sitting and watching some series it suddenly stopped charging. I re-plugged the charger and it would work for a minute or so. I tried various...
  12. K

    How to fix a black screen on packed bell laptop when it is on

    The day I was using my packed bell laptop I turned it off,after few ours I turned it on to finish what I was doing on that day but I encountered the challenge of black screen while the light power button can I fix the problem,please I need your help
  13. J

    Packard Bell EasyNote TE, smashed display, wont detect external display on boot

    Hi, My sisters son completely smashed the screen on her Packard Bell EasyNote TE. I took out the hard drive and put it in an external display so she still has all her data, she said I can keep the laptop for parts. The display is destroyed but everything else appears to be fine. Only the top...
  14. A

    brand new packard bell 14.1 Note Book will not start

    I have a new Packard Bell 14.1 Notebook and it will not power up. Please advise
  15. S

    Packard Bell 14.1 won’t power up

    So how can I get a new power jack for this unit and what is the power requirements ?
  16. V

    Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-073NL

    Hi Guys, Currently having a problem with my Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-073NL. Its really slow and freezing now i think the problem is the hard drive, so im wondering is there way for me to wipe the hard drive from the bios on this laptop? As it is so slow and then after a period of...
  17. C

    I have a Packard Bell thar keeps coming up insert boot disk and press any key?

    I don't know how to get into BIOS! Of how to reboot from this screen. Please help.
  18. T

    Need help black screen

    Hello am not good with laptops a went to put my laptop on and all am getting after the packard bell logo is a black screen with little white line at top left hand side a have searched the internet for solution but cant seem to find anything to help a have took my hdd out and put it back in went...
  19. B

    Battery charges, but laptop won't turn on

    I... have a Packard Bell laptop. It's... not the best. Used it for 3 years, I had to have it repaired 7 times, 6 of which was with the same problem: the power jack receiving socket had bad wiring. On the last occasion I didn't take it to the repairs, since they gave it back again and again, each...
  20. H

    Will Sims 3 be playable on my Packard Bell laptop?

    So I've heard that The Sims 3 is quite a beefy game, and I'm sick of the Sims 4's lack of content. The Sims 4 ran perfectly fine on my laptop, and I also had several Mods and Custom Content installed too, as well as every Expansion pack, Game Pack and a few Stuff Packs. I've decided to downgrade...
  21. M

    packard bell touchpad

    to those having problems with their touch pads the solution is simple. download bios update v1.10 from the official packbell sapport download site. run the package and let it finish it will restart and continue until its done.after it reboots machine will give no boot device found that is if u...
  22. M

    How to reset BIOS password for Packard Bell N15W4

    How to reset BIOS password for Packard Bell N15W4
  23. D

    Looking for help with my laptop

    My laptop (packard bell) went its screen black while i was gaming, and it took some time till i lost my patience and forcibly shut it down. When boot it, it had nothing left on the desktop except a recycle bin icon. Tried to connect to the internet but it now looks like the driver is now...
  24. 1

    how do i download a driver on my packard bell dot s laptop?

    i factory reset my packard bell laptop and now i cant connect to ifi, it says something about a driver or something and now i am so confused, im no good with computers but i need to be able to connect to internet for my work. how on earth do i download the driver without internet?
  25. L

    Solved! Packard Bell imedia s2870 USB & PS2 ports not working.

    Good day! My system (imedia S2870) came with windows 8 64x installed,so i upgraded it from windows 8 64x to windows 8.1 64x.The upgrade went well,but after a few days when i switched on the PC i got this error (Status: 0xc0000428 Windows cannot verify the digital signature of this file). Now...
  26. F

    packard bell z5wt3. no starts and stops(loop)

    packard bell z5wt3 power to runs
  27. S

    Solved! An operating system wasn`t found

    Hi! My motherinlaw asked me for help and now i asking you guys cause i don`t know what she`s done with her Packard Bell Ststionary computor! When i push the powerbutton a black screen appears with the error-message-AN OPERATING SYSTEM WASN`T FOUND. TRY DISCONNECTING ANY DRIVES THAT DON`T...
  28. E

    Won't turn on

    I've a Packard bell notebook and I won't get past the Packard bell start up screen and when it tries to solve problem it says restore and then nothing happens. Help!!!
  29. S

    Packard Bell extremely slow

    I bought a Packard Bell laptop online awhile ago. I was promised the computer worked fine, no problems. Windows 7 is installed ( authentic? i don't know) I immediately noticed that the Packard is extremely slow, so slow that i often get the " Google(for example) doesn't respond right now...
  30. S

    Power down issue

    Hi i have a problem with my packard bell easynote ls 11hr it is working normally until fan speed goes really fast and then its shutting off its not a temperature problem hwmonitor shows 30-40 degrees on each core and chipset please help i dont have a GPU sensor becouse its on one cooling system
  31. F

    Packard bell easynote tj74 startup issues..

    Hi all. Our old laptop is having a few start-up problems, and I have been trying to diagnose this issue without much luck. When powered on, sometimes it boots fine, no problems. Others, the fans start-up, and nothing else happens, the screen is black, and that's all it does. I can hold in the...
  32. T

    Packard Bell enme 69bmp don't work.

    hi all. when switching on my Packard Bell enme 69bmp it shows NO BOOTABLE DEVICE. HIT ANY KEY. problem is all keys don't work.
  33. P

    packard bell c3300

    hi could some guide as to whether or not this has a built in wireless card please many thanks
  34. P

    No screens work!

    Hi my issue seems to be rather complicated but here it is. I have a laptop, Packard bell easynote tm 86, and the screen shows white. I connected it through vga to an external screen and it works just fine, so I bought a new lcd cable and the screen is still white. So I figured it's the screen...
  35. E

    Packardbell enme69bmp goes to blankscreen after logo

    hey, I'm in desperate need of help here. I have a Packardbell enme69bmp notebook - there's was no problem, I shutdown as normal and when I tried to put it back on all it doesn't is load the Packardbell logo and then goto a blankscreen. the cursor is there and the keyboard works but the screen is...
  36. C

    easynote ts44hr not powering on

    i have been asked to fix a Packard bell easynote ts44hr laptop, it does not show any indication of power. no lights at all. but if i plug the charger in i can definitely hear it drawing current. i have it disassebled on my dest right now but i see no blown chips. i see 2 red glass tubes on the...
  37. A

    Packard Bell Laptop really loud when got hit.

    So one day i was watching movie, when my computer got really loud. It happens sometimes when i play computer games. I restarted it and it was quiet again but when it gets a little hit it get's loud again. Its not overheating, so i dont know what is wrong with it. I have that fan or i dunno how...
  38. Z

    crappy sound quality

    i'm using packard bell esaynote mx37 and i updated from vista to windows 10. now the sound is horrible. i think the video card driver is outdated because when is a video playing is 100% worse. pls help.
  39. R

    Battery and charger voltages

    Im looking to replace my battery on my TS11HR packard bell laptop. My charger outputs 19v, but all the batteries i find have a voltage of 10.8v-11.1v. As i dont have the laptop on me, im wondering if this would cause me any problems if id charge it or is it just normal and i should buy the battery?
  40. S

    Laptop - needs constant resets

    My friends Packard Bell laptop needs a reset every few days (remove battery, hold down power button). Normally any laptop I have sorted out this way is ok after doing the reset once. Has anyone any ideas why this would keep happening and what needs to be done to stop? Thanks
  41. A

    Laptop Shutdown suddenly on new battery only while gaming

    Hello everyone, I am writing this post to ask for your opinion about a problem that is boring me a lot this last period. I bought a new lithium battery 10.8V 4400mah 6 cell (48Wh) for my Packard Bell Easynote TS11HR-120IT (I5 2410M Gt 540m 6GB Ram). Everything seems to be fine, but unfortunately...
  42. S

    Packard Bell Easynote LJ61 Blank screen when turned on

    Hey, I have a Packard Bell Easynote LJ61, and it has always had a bit of a dodgy screen, like sometimes it would flicker or go really grainy but I have managed to fix that. It was working fine until the other day when i reinstalled windows 10. I don't think installing windows 10 is the problem...
  43. D

    Packardbell entf71bm WebCam Drivers on Windows7 64 bits

    Hi. couple of days ago my friend asked me to install OS and everything on PackardBell ENTF71BM. Before I started installing Windows 7 I checked on Packardbell website if drivers are available. Of course they had support only for Windows 8.1 .... but funny thing is that most of them also supports...
  44. S

    i change operating system of my packard bell then i installed driver pack 14 but touch pad isnt working please help

    i change operating system of my packard bell then i installed driver pack 14 but touch pad isnt working please help
  45. G

    i have a packard bell mh36 (easynote) whats the best operating system for gta san andreas to run on but still good for other

    i have a packard bell mh36 (easynote) I need to know what would be the best operating system for gta san andreas but still good for general use (internet downloads,games, facebook)
  46. G

    Error 43 on notebook with windows 10 (2 GPUs)

    I have a notebook with 2 GPUs (Packard bell tx-86-ju-102ru) . My GeForce gt 330m is getting the error 43. I tried to install the latest drivers ,then older drivers , drivers from ,but still getting that error .I tried reflashing the Bios ,but no results. Sorry for bad english...
  47. AtotehZ

    Packard Bell EN TE69KB Reformat Win8.1

    Hey guys, I'm reformatting a laptop for a friend. It's a Packard Bell EN TE69KB. I've already obtained the drivers and I have the Win8.1 installation on a bootable USB drive made with Rufus. What I want is to erase everything on the laptop and install an operating system of my own. The BIOS...
  48. J

    Laptop goes on screen black no sound

    so i got a laptop from a friend with some problems. its a packard bell laptop accu is ok tried to connect it with hdmi and press the switch screen button(its fn+ f4 or something like that) and i got no screen no sounds i can hear the fans i tried anti-ghosting normally you hear bleeps or...
  49. J

    Laptop is suddenly faster?

    I have a packard bell easynote lm94 with windows 8 and a cracked screen (i got it from a friend wich wanted the data off the laptop, so i hooked a second screen to it, and got all data off it, then my borther said he could replace the screen so i had a laptop to use) Now, i was playing a game...
  50. P

    Packard Bell doesn't boot

    Hello, I have some troubles with my Packard Bell ZEA (EasyNote). 1) The internal HD died. 2) I replaced it by an 1Tb Thoshiba. 3) The notebook won't start on an Install DVD (Linux or Windows) 4) I installed Windows on another computer on the HD and moved it again in the PB. 5) The PB recognize...
  51. S

    Attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed.

    Hi, i have a packard bell EasyNote EN LS44HR. While using a program recently my computer gave me a bluescreen error saying "attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed". And basically got stuck on a loop, everytime i opened normally i would get the same error then the laptop...
  52. Z

    Packard Bell MB85 6 screen problem

    My laptop's, Packard Bell MB85, screen has divided into 6 parts. Any solutions how to fix it? Are these fixes reliable?: P.S. It has Nvidia Graphics Card, so can it be replaced?
  53. L

    packard bell model ms2384 blue screen

    The problem start as follow; The screen started to slow fade away and then went completely black. I connected to a monitor and the monitor shows a blue screen without any message. I try to access the save mode by pressing f8 however nothing is happening.
  54. S

    I think the 'Recovery Disks' sent to restore Windows back to 'Factory Default' have removed/corrupted my hardware?

    Hi, I really need someone's technical insight! My laptop a 'Packard Bell TE11HC' needed to be restored back to it's default settings. Being a Windows 8 machine I used the built-in 'recovery tool', though unfortunately it failed. After contacting the manufacturers they sent me the 'recovery...
  55. ayevilkas

    Failed to repair partition.

    Hey all, need some help. My girlfriend had an oldish laptop. Packard Bell Dot SE R410UK Wanted to reset it to factory settings, and attempted this by doing the F12 > system restore/factory reset. All was dandy, table popped up, left it be. Came back 20-30 minutes later to find that it failed...
  56. S

    My Packard Bell laptop starts for a few seconds then shuts down then repeats this untill power removed

    Hi guys, Got a bit of a problem with my laptop first of all here are the specs Packard Bell EasyNote_ts_11 hr_244pt ntel Core i5-2410m nVidia Geforce GT540M 4Gb DDR3 (2x2Gb) samsung 850 evo 120 gb Ecrã 15,6" HD LED Intel HD Graphics Whats happening is that if I turn the laptop on (battery out...
  57. E

    How do you fix your touchpad on a packard bell laptop

    I have had my laptop for about a year now and a couple of months ago the keypad just stopped working. Ive tried the fn and other key thing but it hasnt worked someone please help!
  58. E

    what is the maximum screen resolution on the packard bell easynote m5262

    hi i recently replaced the display in my hp nx6325 because it went bad ,but being on a very tight budget i used one from a packard bell easynote m5262 but with the original cable & inverter from the hp.although the operation was a great success the displays maximum screen resolution is 1024x768...
  59. L

    my packard bell won't stay connected to wifi.

    Hi I have a packard bell dot s I formated it but now I can't connect to wifi.I connect to my wifi from all devices and I can c
  60. S

    I have a packard bell windows 7 and the key of the wirless network is not working. What should i do? And there is no internet

    I have a packard bell windows 7 and the key of the wirless network is not working. What should i do? And there is no internet So i can go and search online. Any helps please:)