Looking for laptop (media and music use, 500£ budget), advice needed!


Mar 23, 2016
Hi All, I need to buy a laptop but have no idea where to bang my head. I've been using my Mac laptop for the past 7 years, so I'm definitely not up to date with the last processors, hard disk, RAM and so on so on that I see listed when looking the laptop specs, that's why I nee your help!

I use my laptop mainly for social-media use and listening music. Facebook, Twitter, news reading, Spotify, Netflix and music storage.
Also I write music so the laptop does need to be powerful enough to support a music recording software (not the top high end but not the low band ones) and the use of Photoshop / Illustrator (again, and average use, nothing super!).
I guess a decent memory space (hard disk wise) would be necessary due to the large amount of files I do store.

Important thing for me: screen must be 15 inch, not less. Can't stand at a screen too small.

Also having not used Windows for many many years (last windows I've used was XP...) I'm still wondering if the "virus situation" is still as it was years ago, is it still really easy to get a virus and get your pc upside down?! Any software that you could suggest as antivirus?

Not really up to date with the prices band but I don't want to spend more than 500£ if that possible to have a decent product that will last few years.

Ah little detail, I haven't seen manhy laptops with a Firewire connection, if I could use one would be wonderful so I can connect my audio interface otherwise I would need to adapt the connection with some sort of adaptors.

Hope you can direct me on some laptops to consider.
Thanks for your help in advice.