Question Looking for simple ac speaker that supports sd and/or usb for playing mp3 music?


Dec 20, 2011
I am looking for an audio device to play music for my child's bedroom, just need something basic that will support sd and/or usb and that has an acual ac plug into wall, not mini usb charger. Doesn't need cd player or anything else. Shuffle/random would be good feature. Thanks.


Yes, I have seen that one, and the other's similar to it, do you think the Pyle is superior to this one?

Type of power plug isn't a dealbreaker, just not that fond of the mini-usb considering it's going to stay plugged in.
Don't know which of those is better or even what they sound like, just going by price and general reviews on Amazon and function.
Since you want playback in the speaker, you are limited to the selection. Higher end models may sound good, in the 30-40 range they are probably all the same quality.

I use either good computer speakers on a computer or an Echo Dot connected to UE MegaBoom speaker. The cheaper speakers I have are Anker which I like, but I don't think they have models with built in media player.
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