Looking to buy a gaming laptop need opinion/help what would you do?


Aug 23, 2014
Hey guys as the title says I am looking g for a gaming laptop and I know befor people start saying Omg!!!!! Why!!! Laptop Eww lol well I already have a desktop for gaming and I am in need of a laptop that can game now I would like it to be at least 15 inch plus leaning more to the 17 inch side I know my desktop computer stuff but I have never got a laptop nor gaming one at that i been looking at them for about a month and now is the time that I will be Making my purchase so here are the 2 that I think are the best for me also if you guys think there is a better choice around this price range no more than $2500 please let me know and tell me why they are better or what one I should I pick from would really help me out thanks guy's

Laptop #1
MSI GT72DominatorPro-010


Laptop #2
Aorus X7v2-CF1


Ok so there are my 2 picks of what 8 think are the best for the $2500 price range for me again I am open to others if you guys think there is a better choice and can tell me why or explain why you pick one of the laptop I have chosen also keep in mind the aorus is 16GB Ram but I can upgrade it to match or more than the msi and maybe still be less or same cost as the msi well with that being said HELP ME OUT GUYS thank you


May 1, 2009
I like this one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231633

The ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JZ-DS71 Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7 4700HQ (2.40GHz) 24GB Memory 1TB HDD 256GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M 17.3" Windows 8.1 64-Bit

It has the same specs as the MSI except the processor is a 4700 to the 4710 of MSI but the price is a 250 difference. One thing I've heard about MSI is they are fully upgradeable BUT they have seals that if broken will void warranty. I would get the Asus and replace the 256 gb SSD with a 512 GB SSD from Newegg. In the same purchase I did that with my Acer laptop a few years ago. I purchased a kit with the SSD (fit = Acronis True image cloning software and a USB external case). I installed apps to the 750 GB hd then cloned them to the SSD and moved the HD to the second bay.

I recently purchased an Alienware 18 with 4710 16 gb ram 256 SSD and 1 TB HD 2 Nvidia GTX 860 SLI graphics 18.4" screen fr around 2400.



Well first of all the links you have given don't link to the laptops you have mentioned. Second I would go with the msi rather than the aorus as it has better cooling assuming you are not carrying it around that much.
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