Looking to buy a new laptop for programming


May 18, 2011
Looking to buy a new laptop that is for programming for my work. My boss is going to buy it for me. He said it can be up to 1000 dollars not including shipping or tax.

I would like it to be a matte screen 17 inches... 1080p is a must. Will be dual booting windows and fedora.

If anyone can help me out. I don't want him to buy crap and i figured you guys know where the good stuff is.

Thank you,


"Bad luck or maybe only people with complaints are actually reviewing' then 'reviews only normally take place in the first few weeks of owning a product' appears to be selective thoughts on reviews

If only people with complaints are reviewing, then I guess the Acers deserve 10 Eggs :) Have a number of Clients that use Acers and some with numerous ones in their business...As far as a rep for lasting, haven't seen it, most laptops (for business use anyway) tend to get recycled quicker than desktops
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