Looking to replace my old laptop with something more capable for my current interests


Jul 7, 2014
Ok so im kind of a noob because the biggest problem im having is not knowing what im looking for. I have basic idea of what i need the computer to do and how I would like it to perform. I'll start with the reason why I am replacing my current one.
Firstly, I am a student with disability and so even my exams are done on computer and I need to be able to carry it around school all day almost every day. My current laptop is a HP pavilion G6 that is beginning to give up. It has served me well until now but the fan inside has a blade missing which isn't helping. It is a factory refurb that already had some damage from where they had badly pryed it apart and I have taken it apart myself in order to remove the broken blade that was floating around in there. I'm learning to animate and at the moment it works perfectly but I have been advised that once I get into to actually setting up frames and movements, it will not be able to handle the graphics it requires. Also I love the Sims 3 and have many expansions (5) but when I play the laptop gets so hot and works so I hard that I worry about it damaging the computer or burning my legs off.

So, I need a computer that is capable of supporting Maya Autodesk (3d animation) to a good degree and also I want to be able to play the Sims 3 with out the laptop burning my legs off. It needs to be an okay size an preferably not too heavy as I have to carry it all day everyday. Needs to have as good a battery life as possible as not all the classrooms have seat where I can sit and plug in during the day. Would prefer a large amount of storage but that's not a problem as I can simply store stuff on an outside drive so its not necessary. Must have a dvd rom drive so I can play games and soft wares from a disk.
My budget is small because I have mentioned I am a student and dont have lots of money to throw around so as cheap as possible because im not really sure how my requirements will affect the cost. I dont need the Sims to be seamless I just want the computer to not get so damn hot. I live in the UK and I couldn't care less what brand it is as long as it does what I need and it works. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help in any way. I know its quite specific but im hoping someone can at least point me in the right direction.


Before going into a recommendation, have you looked into non-profit organizations that distribute laptops? There may be a way for you to get a laptop for free or a discount through them.
I will also suggest the use of a cooling pad for the laptop which will help prolong it's life and keep the heat from your leg while keeping the vents on the bottom open to airflow. Something like the CM Notepal U3 (I use the Notepal U2) does wonders for that plus it tucks away for portability (a very nice feature IMO)
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