Solved! Low sound with DDP/AC3 in HD Media player - Please help


Dec 20, 2011
Below is my setup:

Amkette FlashTV HD player (Has AV Port and Optical Out. NO RCA Out)
2.1 Swans M10 Speakers (Stereo RCA In and Out with NO Optical IN)

I have tested with 2 options as below, both resulting in low sound with no punchy bass and also voices missing
  1. Purchased DAC converter. Connected the Optical Out to DAC converter. Then connected the RCA out to my speakers. To my surprise, the sound is very LOW for the Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3),AC3. However it sounds little better with AAC.
  2. Second option i tried, was to buy a HDMI to RCA splitter. Connected my HDMI out of HD media player to HDMI In of splitter. Connected the Audio out to RCA in of speakers. Trying to extract the audio from HDMI. Sound came but same result as above, less sound with EAC3 and AC3 files :(
My earlier media player had an RCA out audio and the audio was fantastic with my 2.1 Swans RCA In (direct connection to player). This HD Media player is not turning on and hence i bought Amkette Flash TV Player but this has not got any RCA Out.

Am totally lost and confused. Am not sure what needs to be done here, as i suspect audio is getting decoded this way resulting in less sound. Please suggest me options as below:
  1. Should i buy an AV Receiver for this? It is too expensive, but would it ensure the EAC3 though decoded would give great sound?
  2. Should i buy a new HD Player with Stereo out? It is also expensive as Android Players dont play the videos well. I generally play from USB.
Any other option where in i can get the same powerful sound inspite of DAC to ensure optical to RCA? Please help.